Friday, May 13, 2011

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cabinets MN

 RTA Cabinets MN research is a great start to a successful purchase that gets you the best value for your hard-earned money. By doing your homework well, you can eliminate the risks and hassles of returning the wrong set or getting scammed by unscrupulous online suppliers. The recent economic crisis that hit the world has left many with some lingering lessons on spending money wisely and going through reviews before buying is one smart move. So if you are planning on getting ready to assemble cabinetry for your budget home improvement project, then you should definitely consider Whitehouse Cabinets in Eagan, MN. Whitehouse will provide that middle ground. The value of RTA cabinets without the hastle of assembly... Thats right we assemble them for you...

Ready to assemble cabinetry has become the choice for many homeowners for an economical home improvement project plus the loads of other delightful benefits it has in store.

When you are looking for RTA cabinets mn reviews, you need not go too far. The first and most reliable resource that you could is referrals from people that you personally trust whether family or friends. Try to make contact and ask around for anyone who have just purchased ready to assemble cabinetry and get to know how happy they are with the investment and how it was working with the supplier. If there is nobody you know that can give out trusted reviews, then it's high time to do your research.

The fastest way that you can get your hands on RTA cabinets review is through the World Wide Web, but the problem with the www is when you buy RTA cabinets they are almost always delivered to your driveway on a palet, leaving you to figure out how to put them together.  Their are local companies such as our Whitehouse Cabinets that act as a middleman, help with design, order the cabinets and assemble them too. We have assembled 1000's of RTA cabinets and are really good at assembly. Don't take a chance at learning how to assemble RTA kitchen on your kitchen... Now its not rocket science but you do get better the more you build... SO if you are looking for RTA Cabinets MN you have found the right place... Whitehouse Cabinets Eagan...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Eagan Hot Tubs Warehouse, Kitchen Cabinets Eagan MN: Kitchen Cabinet Testimonial

Eagan Hot Tubs Warehouse, Kitchen Cabinets Eagan MN: Kitchen Cabinet Testimonial

Kitchen Cabinet Testimonial

January 5, 2010
Let me just say THANK YOU!! You have done an outstanding job for us...
We came to Whitehouse Direct with the hope for some nice looking kitchen cabinets economically priced and ended up with high quality gorgeous and still economically priced cabinets.
Shane Please put this on the cabinet pages...

Not only did we get great cabinets we also got Joe who helped design our new kitchen. He was involved through the early stage of development and really took the time to understand our needs and came up with innovative design ideas we never would have thought of on our own. His proposed drawings and quotes arrived via email efficiently and were quickly amended when necessary. The time and effort he spent with us and all the changes we put him through must have been very exhausting at times. Joe always had a positive upbeat attitude and was very accommodating to our indecisions and changes. (and there were many)
Best of all, Joe was attentive to our timeline and most importantly our budget. He worked with us and within our budget to help us get our dream kitchen.
Delivery was on time, efficient, and Mike was very polite and thorough.
I would highly recommend Whitehouse Direct to friends, family and colleagues.
Thank you Whitehouse Direct.
Gary and Daiva Kulas
Shorewood, MN

Kitchen Cabinets have become over 50% of our business in 2009

2009 was our 1st full year in the kitchen cabinet business. Kitchens (52%) and Hot tubs (45%) accounted for 97% of our business in 2009. 2008 Hot Tubs were 92%... After the drastic change on the economy we were forced to take a serious look at our business as a whole and explore other opportunities.  Well they say necessity is the mother of invention, that has never been more true than with our entrance into the kitchen cabinets business...